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Thank you for visiting this website. I am a poet and author and working on writing even more to publish it. Watch out for future announcements on this site!

In case you would like to have some glimpses already now,  I have collected a few links to places where you can already find some of my poetry or texts. If you like, have a look!

Poetry in English
Poetry in German
Texts on Matters of Literature, Language, Law, Education and the Arts

These are links to articles I put online elsewhere a while ago. I have also done work in the field of law, as a coordinator for international relations and as a teacher, and this is where these articles and the respective book came from.
Feel free to ignore the rare articles (only 2021 brought forth a few) with a political topic and just read the poetry there or other articles!

If you woud like to stay in contact, feel free to send me a note in order to subscribe to my newsletter.

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